Street Art at Potsdamer Platz

Magnificent „Maleficent“: Street Art Work at Potsdamer Platz by Mr Cenz

Internationally renowned street artist Mr Cenz, who hails from London, has created his first work in Berlin. The piece is a 20 x 9 m noise barrier along a building at Eichhornstraße 3. It features Maleficent from the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” in a homage to the Brothers Grimm, who lived in the adjacent Linkstraße for 16 years. We met Mr Cenz as he worked on the piece.


Mr Cenz, we’re standing in front of an imposing work – and not just because of its size. How was the motif chosen?

What we see is my interpretation of the evil witch character (Maleficent) from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. The Brothers Grimm lived around the corner here in Linkstraße, so it stood to reason to choose a motif from their unique work. It’s been brought to life here using the dominant raven, landscape images and a Gothic-style colour palette.


You have already created street art works around the world. This is the first time you have worked in Berlin. In your opinion, what makes our city special?

The people here in Berlin are really friendly – my team and I are getting a great response to our work. Lots of pedestrians pass by, take photos and have a chat with me. London has a distinctive street art scene, but you rarely get the chance to work on a nice big space like this one. That’s why a lot of street artists from London are coming to Berlin right now, where they can really spread their wings creatively.


Potsdamer Platz is an ultramodern office district and, at the same time, a place with a diverse variety of entertainment, shopping and dining locations. How does your art fit into the area as a whole?

I always integrate the immediate surroundings into my art. One example here is the elegant façades that are reflected in the work. I also find the extensive greenery and the many trees inspiring. Things are really relaxed here on Potsdamer Platz. There are great restaurants, and there’s just a cool atmosphere – it makes for a great ambience for my team and me.


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