Let’s go out tonight at Potsdamer Platz

The nights on Potsdamer Platz are long, and the streets are close together: from the Jam Session to a drink in the bar and on to a club, in Berlin’s new centre you can party till the sun comes up.

06:30 pm: In the Vox Bar at the Grand Hyatt Berlin, you can listen to live jazz and blues, performed, for example, by The Love Gloves

07:45 pm: A highlight – drinks in the Panoramacafé on the 24th floor of the POTSDAMER PLATZ 1

08:25 pm: The night’s still young – heading out through the revolving doors of the POTSDAMER PLATZ 1 into the nightlife of Potsdamer Platz

09:00 pm: A short refreshment break with a burger and a salad at the Play Off

10:40 pm: A whisky, please… but which one? In the Vox Bar there are 240 kinds to choose from

11:35 pm: Cocktails and club music in the Caroshi Bar & Lounge

00:10 am: Waiting for a midnight snack. Tony Roma’s serves the best spare ribs in town.

01:05 am: Slow warm-up dance in Club E4

03:10 am: The mood gets lively in E4

05:45 am: Partying in E4 till dawn

06:30 am: Shoes in hand – and off to bed, dog-tired

lets go out tonight

Photos: Annette Hauschild, ostkreuz.de