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Presented by Brookfield Properties and Arts Brookfield with Alter Projects, Art Extravaganza is Berlin’s newest outdoor and indoor Art Trail with a series of installations across Potsdamer Platz. Art Extravaganza is taking inspiration from the area’s thrilling 1920’s history to showcase some of the most exciting and innovative outdoor art installations from 8 local and world-renowned artists.


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Berlin-based artist Claudia Wieser (b. 1973) is known for her modernist-inspired geometric constructions. Influenced by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, who viewed spirituality as part of their aesthetic process, Wieser expands her ideals to include the coexistence of abstraction and physiological experience. Through early training as a blacksmith at Bergmeister Kunstschmiede, Wieser sharpened her understanding of art and objects, aesthetics and function. This studied craft influences her approach to the technical design of her multi-faceted mirrors, hand-painted and patterned ceramics and carved wooden sculptures.

The spatial installation entitled “Performance” consists of a large wallpaper, a mirror cube, neon reliefs and a curtain that divides the space into a sculptural setting. The title plays with the concept of the stage and suggests that performances once took place or will take place here in the future.

The choice of materials and design language refers loosely to the 1920s, the time when Potsdamer Platz was the epitome of urban life, but also excess, nightlife and art.


North Entrance The Playce and Fontaneplatz

Yuri Suzuki is an artist, designer and electronic musician. He explores sound and visual language through artworks and projects that examine the relationship between people and their environments, questioning how both visual art and sound evolve to create personal experiences. Yuri wanted to reflect on how the urban environment and audible communication can create a bond with the community and increase connections.

This project invites people to sit on the street furniture as well as use it as a communication device to interact and engage with the surrounding environment.


Indoor, Lower Level The Playce

For over a decade, Sebastian Haslauer has been shifting in styles and media with the attempt to unify the naïve of the amateur with the knowledge of the professional for a evocative evergreen. Being the underlying modus operandi in all of his works, collage is the technique he feels most natural and in which Haslauers playfulness might find its purest form. In his work for Brookfield Properties, Sebastian Haslauer draws a wide chronological arc to the Weimar Republic and shows us Potsdamer Platz in the roaring 1920s as the epicenter of Berlin’s nightlife.

He combines this with the glowing promises of contemporary Berlin entertainment culture and the vision of a Potsdamer Platz of the future. Like Berlin itself, which we have been watching in the making for decades, this idea is also being developed. Individual elements that seem to come from a construction site refer to it and allude to formative impressions of urban life in this city.


Indoor, Lower Level The Playce

Damien Poulain is an artist responding to various invitations, engaging with design, architecture, and natural environments. The artist awakens an intimate landscape that goes beyond geographical borders and the walls of museums. A new cartography is unfolding, capable of welcoming a humanity of feelings. A culture open to all, whose color is a compass.

‘The Potsdamer Platz Birds’ is a series of three sculptures and paintings inspired by Potsdamer Platz’s historic and contemporary buildings. Dream creatures rendered in architectural shapes, the birds are totemic guardians of the place and witnesses of past, present and future. Flying above us, they can see beyond the horizon of the newly built to understand the different changes taking place throughout time. The birds hold the secrets of the unseen and the key to the Platz’s soul.


Indoor, First Floor Entrances The Playce

Jordan Söderberg Mills is a Canadian visual artist working in installation, sculpture, and design objects. His work explores ideas of identity, perception and the sublime, playing with the borders between physical and digital realities, and pushing the material possibilities of light. Through a research-based practice in optics and material science, he examines the nature of colour and transforms perception through works in glass, light and projection.

Jordan wanted to create something that plays in the gap between perception and reality – that the things we see aren’t necessarily true, or even real. With this work, he wanted to open a window to the multiverse and peer into the subtle, gradient infinities that might surround us

söderberg mills (


Indoor, Lower Level The Playce

Carnovsky is an art/design duo comprised of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla active in Milan since 2007. Carnovsky’s best-known project is called RGB, a technique that consists in the superimposition of 3 different images. Through a colored filter (Red, Green and Blue) it’s possible to discover the layers in which the image is composed.

With Landscape n.1 the viewer is immersed in an enchanted forest, that gradually turns in an architectural interior and again in a procession of ancient divinities. The exterior reverses in the interior and the vanishing point of the columns and the perspective planes expands the space multiplying into the infinite.


Upper Floor, The Playce

Based in Vienna, mischer’traxler studio develops and designs products, furniture, installations and more, with a focus on experiments, context and conceptual thinking. Balancing between craftsmanship and technology, the studio often uses their work to tell stories, visualise challenges and make data tangible.

Berlin is known for its internationality and nightlife. Inspired by the grandness of the ballrooms of the 1920s, five large kinetic chandeliers fill the Arcades with slow continuous movement. The shapes are inspired by Berlin’s multicultural ethnic communities. The colourful volumes appear to slowly breathe, giving the space a rhythm and pace, creating a calm liveliness.


Varian-Fry Street

Esra Gülmen is an artist and award-winning designer based in Berlin. Inspired by everyday life struggles, Gülmen sees her art practice as a form of self-therapy. A contemporary commentary characterized by simple language, witty humour, and the desire to understand and touch people. Her artworks always feel relatable and raise questions about emotions, habits, and ways to love and be loved. Through blending typography and illustration and embracing the visual power of words, she creates her very own world with a less-ismore mindset. Esra Gülmen turns Potsdamer Platz into her very own playground. Fascinated by the playfulness of stickers, she created larger-than-life versions of her most iconic artworks mixed with the new ones. Inspired by everyday life, pop culture, and Berlin’s queer scene, Gülmen wants you to ‘coooome together’ no matter your age, background, gender, or sexuality. It’s time to reconnect with yourself and others with humour while experiencing the fabulous world of ‘Esravaganza’.

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