Blue Man Group

Stage BLUEMAX Theater, Marlene-Dietrich Platz 4, 10785 Berlin Route

Performances daily, except Mondays

Performances daily, except Mondays

Blue, bluer, Blue Man Group Berlin

The public goes crazy for the Blue Man Group, that sensational show with the energetic rhythms! Performances at Stage BLUEMAX Theater are a unique mix of concert, comedy and mind-blowing technical effects. The New York Show that tours Boston, Chicago, Tokyo and Las Vegas has been here in the capital since 2004. Blue Men don’t need to speak – gestures, facial expressions and music are their means of communication. This makes the Blue Man Group Berlin the ideal entertainment experience for an international audience.

New for 15 years.

Over the past 15 years, BLUE MAN GROUP has developed into the most successful long run show in the German capital. And we have no intention of changing this in any way. On the contrary!
BLUE MAN GROUP would not be BLUE MAN GROUP if we did not reinvent ourselves from time to time. As a result, BLUE MAN GROUP is always new, always different and always surprising.
From December on we will present our new Berlin show. Of course, we will remain true to the BLUE MAN GROUP DNA and yet, once again, we have prepared a lot of new things. The connection between the audience and Blue Man is becoming even more intense, even deeper, even more surprising.
During the show as well as before and after. As soon as you enter the Stage BLUEMAX Theater, the boundaries between stage and auditorium will become more and more blurred. This ´BLUE MAN GROUP` is only available in Berlin!

Tickets for the Blue Man Group are available at the box office Stage BLUEMAX Theater, in the Shopping Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz or online at:

Photo Credit: STAGE Entertainment

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