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Chinese New Year

From 24 to 27.01. the “Happy Chinese New Year” will be taking place in Berlin for the tenth time. It is the biggest public event in Germany, presenting artists, artisans, dragon dances, martial arts performances, a gourmet evening, film screenings, mini-workshops, a photo exhibition, travel offers and a Chengdu pavilion — all that and only in Berlin.


Event highlight 2019

This year, the 25th anniversary of the Berlin-Beijing city partnership will be celebrated, promising even grander and more colourful festivities at the Potsdamer Platz. In addition to the China Cultural Center Berlin and the Potsdamer Platz, there are other event partners involved, among them the hotel Grand Hyatt Berlin, the VOX Restaurant and the CinemaxX cinema. This will make the four festival days at the Potsdamer Platz even more exciting.


Novelties for the Chinese New Year 2019

Major celebrations are underway in the Year of the Pig, offering

• a gourmet dinner and a Szechuan New Year’s menu at the Grand Hyatt | Vox Restaurant,
• a Chinese film festival at the CinemaxX,
• a variety of tourist attractions in the Shopping Arkaden,
• a Chengdu pavilion, tea ceremony, face mask changing dance and news and reports from the Szechuan capital.


Shopping Arkaden

Stage programme from 3pm to 7pm

The Hubei Song and Dance Ensemble present their proficiency three times a day to the audience. Founded in 1992, the group of artists has become a well-known act on national television and on the touring circuit, home and abroad.
Traditional instruments, vocals, dancing, artistry and a mix of classical and modern compositions.
Presentations with chat shows on the various performances and exotic instruments, on the region, on touristic offers and with artisans.
Dragon and lion dances as well as tai chi (shadow boxing) and wushu (martial art), performed by cultural associations of the Chinese community of Berlin.

Artisan market from 1.30pm to 7.30pm

The artisans are all bearers of the Chinese intangible cultural heritage.
In Berlin, the artists are presenting the following crafts: silversmithing, wood carving, calligraphy and engraving techniques in seal carving, textile dyeing, embroidery and paper cutting. Visitors can experience the dexterity and high level of mastery at first hand and learn about the production of mouth organs, a unique brocade fabric, the production of Pu’er tea and the emergence of purple and black ceramics.

China Cultural Center workshops

Visitors can get involved themselves in calligraphy, paper cutting, traditional painting and the Chinese language.

Photography exhibition

Attractive tourist destinations in the Hubei province, China.

Leisure travel attractions

Tourist offers for city, cultural or active tours to China. Amongst others, tours along the New Silk Road.
The special offers include a vintage car rally from Berlin to Beijing from 24 August to 14 October 2019. It covers more than 14,000 kilometres along the Silk Road and is a highlight of this year’s 25-year-partnership of Berlin and Beijing. In the countries to be traversed (Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) further events will take place. Last but not least, a Berlin festival will take place on Beijing’s most famous shopping street, the Wangfujing street in Dongcheng district, between the 10th and 12th of October 2019.

Chengdu pavilion

Covering an area of 6 x 4 metres, the capital of the Szechuan province presents itself as a modern megacity full of tradition. The pavilion invites the visitors to find out more about the capital and to experience live acts, such as a tea ceremony and a face mask changing dance.


Grand Hyatt Berlin, Vox Restaurant

Szechuan Gourmet Evening (24 January 2019 at 7pm; booking required)

The best Chinese chefs from Chengdu (the capital of the Szechuan province), which is worldwide renowned for its cuisine, are collaborating with the culinary team of the Potsdamer Platz’s five star hotel to create a seven-course menu with exotic spices and ingredients.
The typical flavours of the Szechuan cuisine are “numbingly spicy” (pepper), “leek flavour” (leek oil) and “salty umami” (spicy taste).
The 10 master chefs are well known in China, having participated in numerous TV cookery programmes and cooked at the G20 summit. They frequently travel abroad to prove their skills and inspire gourmets of the Szechuan cuisine.

Szechuan New Year’s Menu (25 to 27 January 2019)

Various courses to choose from, daily on the menu at the Vox Restaurant. These include

  • Pickled vegetables Szechuan-style
  • Tofu-style tender chicken fillet made with chicken broth
  • Mapo tofu with ground beef
  • Savoury chicken sautéed with crunchy peanuts
  • Pork dumplings in spicy chilli oil
  • Panda-style sticky rice balls

All dishes can be combined individually; no pre-booking necessary


CinemaxX Berlin

Chinese film festival

On offer are four films on four consecutive days at Potsdamer Platz:

Detective Chinatown 2 – Two young men participate in a global detective contest in New York’s Chinatown. The task: locate the missing grandson of Chinatown’s godfather, Uncle Qi, within 1 week. 24/01/2019 at 8pm

Wolf Warrior 2 – Action-packed film about a former elite soldier who finds himself in an African country protecting medical aid workers from local rebels and vicious arms dealers. 25/01/2019 at 8pm

Never Say Die – A male corrupt UFC boxer switches bodies with a female reporter (who exposed his bribes) after the two are struck by lightning. With the help of a Kung Fu master, the woman completes a special training to win the championship. 26/01/2019 at 8pm

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings – Detective Dee investigates a crime spree in the Palace of the Empress Wu in the days of the Tang dynasty. Creepy things are happening inside—but the Empress does not trust the sleuth. 27/01/2019 at 8pm

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