Festival of Lights at Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is the Heart of Light Art

This year again, Potsdamer Platz will be the stage for spectacular light art. From September 3 to 12, the Berlin-wide Festival of Lights will stage the striking buildings and streets around the square in the middle of the capital. This year’s motto “Creating Tomorrow” is a call for more sustainability, more WE feeling, humanity and mindfulness as well as the preservation of cultural diversity.


A further highlight this year are free guided tours exclusively for the Festival of Lights at Potsdamer Platz (in German). They take place twice a day at 20.00 and 21.45. You will not only discover the impressive light installations, but also gain insights into the history of the Potsdamer Platz.


Installations 2020:

Kollhoff-Tower & Forum Tower
Our light art collages at the Kollhoff and Forum Tower as the entrance gate of the Potsdamer Platz become as colourful and diverse as our capital Berlin itself. “Ich bin ein Berliner!”, the well-known phrase by John F. Kennedy will appear amongst others statements and art works on our projection at the Kollhoff-Tower. The radiant collage will combine the themes “30 years of German unity”, cohesion, and togetherness. Let yourself be enchanted by a colourful work of art and stroll along the facade on your evening walk through Berlin.

Even The Beatles knew: “All you need is love”. Therefore, Pineapple Design Studio collaborated with Chimera Atelier to exclusively design the artwork “L.O.V.E” for the Festival of Lights, exhibited for the first time at Potsdamer Platz. “L.O.V.E” is a giant inflatable light installation in the shape of a huge heart, filled with love. The installation will be placed at the main square of Potsdamer Platz and thus, sends a sign of love and unity not only to its visitors but also to the world. “L.O.V.E” is a perfect photo spot to create some lovely content for your social media channels.

This year the Festival of Light let all visitors experience a luminous spring during the late summer days on walk through the “Alte Potsdamer Straße”. Multiple flowers will be hanging in the trees next to the street. This light art installation, called “Blossoms” is designed by the studio Pitaya from France. Pitaya is well-known amongst light artists. The Blossoms are coloured in different shades of white and as soon as the dusk begins, the flowers enlighten in various colours and thus, create an ocean of shining blossoms.  The installation definitely invites for dreamy evening walks.

Dust Protection Wall
In the Aftermath of Everything There is Still Something, 2020
The Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, also known as Millo, displays his new work “In the Aftermath of Everything There is Still Something” showcasing the notion of a city quarter´s rebirth, at the north entrance of Potsdamer Platz arcades.
Inspired by the vast and diverse history of Berlin’s art and music scene which has left a permanent imprint on the city and the urban landscape of Potsdamer Platz, Millo presents the notion of rebirth of a city quarter in his new work. Thereby, the artist makes use of simple black and white lines with dashes of colour.  The artwork is beautiful to admire during the day and will be illuminated at night by the Festival of Lights Berlin.

The sculpture “Unity” is a massive art installation, presented on Marlene-Dietrich-Platz.  This installation is exclusively produced for the Festival of Lights at Potsdamer Platz, showing two hands that are clasping each other. The hands seek to highlight global “unity” and underline the psychological effects of social-distancing and isolation. The artwork empowers us to help each other to get through unprecedented times with the one thing all human beings are capable of giving: Love.
Across language barriers, extending a helping hand needs no words. Gestures alone convey the innate human instinct of love and empathy between people. The artwork by the collaboration of Pineapple Design Studio and Chimera Atelier invites the audience to be amazed and to start dreaming.

The swan dance is a poetic light installation on the water.
12 shining swans form a mysterious night dance. As the water dance of the majestic birds develops, they begin an abstract song and from their ethereal voices a poetic, three-dimensional sound field emerges.
The meditative installation, which challenges classical viewing habits, impressively demonstrates that technology can be more than just a tool and creates a futuristic image of digital romanticism.

We are thrilled to once again have the light giant DUNDU at the Festival of Lights in Berlin.  DUNDU in German, literally meaning “you and you“, stands for humanity and is therewith creating a huge statement in times were humankind is more than important. This artwork is created to amaze people around the world. DUNDU is a powerful canvas onto which all visitors can project their imagination, dreams and aspirations. Come by and walk with the friendly light giant across the Potsdamer Platz on our opening weekend September 12th and 13th!

Projection on Stagetheater
The facade of the Stagetheater at Marlene-Dietrich-Platz will be a showplace for various artworks from Berlin’s artists, may it be street art, graphic design or vibrant, abstract art. Combined with floral and oriental motifs, the artworks build an extraordinary canvas for all visitors of Festival of Lights. This is where individuality has its place.


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