Festival of Lights at Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is the Heart of Light Art

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS from 07 to 16 October 2022 will once again transform Potsdamer Platz into a huge open-air gallery with impressive works of art made of light. The festival’s motto this year is “Vision of our future”:

Especially this year, the 2022 motto is as optimistic as the colorful productions: “Vision of our future”. How will we live in the future? Look forward to unusual, touching and inspiring ideas – translated into great, expressive and beautiful light art.

We have changed our program a bit and adapted it to the current situation.

Every day from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. you can discover numerous works of light art between Potsdamer Platz, Alte Potsdamer Straße and Marlene-Dietrich-Platz: colorful illuminated trees, large installations of animals and plants and glowing swans on the Piano Lake.


Installations 2022:


Lightbattle III

Directly at Potsdamer Platz station stands the imposing Lightbattle III, which allows the Dutch cultural asset of the bicycle to be perceived in a completely new way. In three interactive light arcs, three bicycles face each other. Take a seat and compete against each other! Depending on the speed at which everyone cycles, the light slowly intensifies the colours of the arc. Simply kick off and create beautiful light effects together.



Fontaneplatz / The Playce Entrance Alte Potsdamer Straße / The Playce Entrance Brüder-Grimm-Gasse

The installations come from the French artist’s studio T.I.L.T. Several of the approximately six-metre-high bouquets, each consisting of three gracefully elegant flowers, are spread out on Potsdamer Platz. During the day, they stretch their finely shaped white petals high out towards the sun. At night, dynamic lighting effects bring them to life. The magical flowers shimmer in different shades of colour, revealing further magnetic shades of light.


Urban Nature

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS transforms the passageway at the historic Haus Huth on Potsdamer Platz into a fluorescing tunnel. Imaginatively colored plants entwine themselves on the walls of the passageway from Alte Potsdamer Straße to Fontaneplatz. Discover plants and animals, artistically interpreted by the renowned Dresden theater painter Jana Müller. A small jungle in the middle of Berlin.


Streetfood Market

The food trucks on Varian-Fry-Strasse are usually open for a lunch break, a snack in between or an early dinner. In the festival, they are of course also open during the illumination hours.

Son Kitchen | Fritten Mafia | Gringo Kitchen


On the following dates, DJs will play and provide the appropriate musical accompaniment:

7. October
6pm – 10pm
DJ Size + Jan Eckelmann + Max Varshavsky

8. October
6pm – 10pm
DJ DK + Sara Mosquera + Jean Ghazal

14. October
6pm – 10pm
DJ Ferry + Jan Eckelmann + Max Varshavsky

15. October
6pm – 10pm
DJ Nat Suprise + Sara Mosquera + Laura Luppino


Indian Summer

Alte Potsdamer Straße

It is the colours of a warm and sunny autumn day that enchant. In the evening hours, the trees in Alte Potsdamer Straße become a wonderful ensemble, in just these warm colours. A glow that reaches into the heart.



The Playce West Entrance – Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse / The Playce West Entrance – Rudolf-von-Gneist-Gasse

Bright poppies adorn the treetops at the western entrances of “The Playce” shopping centre. They float lightly and freely, a dancing sea of lights welcoming or bidding farewell to those arriving and departing. The installation is a work of the French artist studio PITAYA.


Snail meets Caterpillar

What do the caterpillar and the snail have to discuss? We don’t know, but maybe we can find out if we listen carefully. In any case, the two truly imposing works of art, almost five metres high, have made themselves at home on Marlene-Dietrich-Platz to enrich the festival events at Potsdamer Platz.




On the artificially created lake, the magical fairy tale THE WILD SWANS by Hans Christian Andersen finally comes to life. A group of artistically designed LED swans unite in a water ballet of light and sound. Autonomously, controlled by GPS, they glide poetically through the dark water and conjure up a magical atmosphere. The light art piece was created and produced by Denis Bivour & Florian Giefer, LOOMALAND.


Video Light Weeks 2018:

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