It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting the city or live here and have been to Potsdamer Platz many times – you will be amazed at what exciting stories can be told about this fascinating place.

Download here our audio files and take an audiotour through the quarter of Potsdamer Platz.

01. In the heart of the quarter (9:16 min.)


02. Friendly boxers (6:09 min.)


03. On the red carpet (5:40 min.)


04. The lift to the sky (3:53 min.)


05. Where all roads met (4:24 min.)


06. Stormy times in the entertainment palace (4:30 min.)


07. How the tri-nation border area became the death strip (5:00 min.)


08. A steadfast veteran of the German Empire (8:51 min.)


09. Raised desks (2:50 min.)


10. Fairy tales and oases (4:2 9 min.)


11. High art (5:32 min.)


12. Efficiency under the ground (6:47 min.)


13. Still waters (5:19 min.)


14. Dazzling stage shows and fun at the casino (6:29 min.)


We wish you to enjoy our Potsdamer Platz audiotour.