• taxiTaxi


    Successful business appointment, romantic dinner or thrilling evening at the cinema – you’ll always find a cab waiting afterwards at Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2. The taxi stand is located right in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel Berlin.

    Where: Taxi Stand at Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2

    If you prefer to be picked up directly, simply order one under:

    +49  30 - 20 20 20 (Taxi Berlin)

    +49 30 - 21 01 01 (Würfelfunk)

    +49 30 - 21 02 02 (Cityfunk Berlin)

    +49 30 - 44 33 22 (Taxi Funk Berlin)

    +49 30 - 26 3000  (Quality Taxi)

    +49 30 - 26 10 26 (Funk Taxi Berlin)

  • segwaySegway


    If you like e-mobility, you’ll love Berlin via Segway. These electric two-wheelers can be hired right in the Shopping Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz. Alone or as part of a guided Berlin tour, they are booked on an hourly basis.

    This silent, sporty fun can be enjoyed throughout the warmer months of the year. From April to Oc-tober is Segway season at Potsdamer Platz.

    Exact starting times for tours are available at www.yoove.com or under the telephone number 030 – 652 157 397. Reservations for tours must be booked ahead of time.

    Where: Customer Information at Potsdamer Platz Shopping Arkaden

    When: Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and on Berlin’s 10 business-open Sundays

    How: A car driving licence is required to use a Segway. After receiving some brief instructions and donning a helmet, it’s off through the city at up to 15 km/h.

    More information at www.yoove.com

  • car2goCar2Go


    Car2go is now a permanent component in the wide range of mobility options at Potsdamer Platz. In fact, this is where the car-sharing service launched its first electric Smarts. Eight charging columns are available in Rudolf-von-Gneist-Gasse, accommodating a total of 16 car2go electric Smart Fortwos. Electric or conventional, these chic little two-seaters can be parked anywhere within Berlin’s business district. You’re not required to return them to their starting point.

    In addition to classic car sharing car2go blue, Mercedes Benz at Potsdamer Platz now offers its high-end B class cars via the app-based car rental service car2go black. Business or leisure, one-way drive from parking spot to parking spot within the city or even from city to city – car2go black, provides flexibility in style.

    From reservation to return, the entire process is extremely customer friendly – everything is managed via mobile app. Car2go black’s pricing system is also simple and transparent. Rates are charged per hour or per day (24 hours); all fees and insurance are included in this base price. Parking spots labelled “car2go black” are free and so is filling up the tank. If necessary, just take the petrol card from the glove compartment and fill up for free at any partner petrol station. Cars are accessible round the clock at Rudolf-von-Gneist Gasse 1.

    Where: Rudolf-von-Gneist-Gasse 1

    When: 24 hours a day, 7 days per week

    How: via mobile app (link to Android & iOS)

    More information at: www.car2goblack.com

  • e-mobilitye-Mobility


    Potsdamer Platz is among Berlin’s most modern, attractive living and business addresses. Everyday, more than 100,000 people are on the go here. This makes the city centre the ideal place for using and experimenting with innovations in electromobility.

    Mobility services in the quarter are varied and highly attractive. Berlin’s first electric Smart fleet from car2go including charging columns is at home here, as is the research project “commuting and loading” with Audi e-tron electric vehicles. Yoove Mobility offers Segways for hire, and many services in the quarter are already using electric transport vehicles. Potsdamer Platz is a pulsating testing ground at the heart of the capital and the right place for electromobility.

    On the one hand, Potsdamer Platz attracts young, creative visitors from all over the world who are interested in experiencing the advantages of flexible urban mobility. On the other hand, it’s also home to international companies that wish to integrate the benefits of e-mobility into their workflow.

    e-Mobility is fun, fascinating and environmentally friendly. Convinced of this, we’ll all contribute towards making Berlin-Brandenburg a leader in the cutting-edge field of e-mobility.

    e-Mobility Showcase Project

    The Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electromobility was launched in spring 2012. Potsdamer Platz has participated in this initiative from the very beginning. The federal government sponsors four such showcases in Germany with goals as diverse as the projects themselves. Their common objective is to support and promote the research and development of alternative drive solutions.

    Within the scope of the showcase initiative, demonstration and pilot projects test e-mobility in actual traffic systems. Are the energy systems ready for electric vehicles? How can traffic systems support and promote electromobility? What is the best way to implement electric car sharing successfully? The project should deliver answers to these and many other questions and significantly boost the feasibility of e-mobility in daily traffic situations.

    The companies and institutions based at Potsdamer Platz contribute, too. The following projects are already open to the public:

    - the electric Smart fleet of car2go, including charging columns

    - Segway: hire and sightseeing tours

    - an ultramodern, public quick-charge station

    - public charging columns

  • quick-charge-stationQuick-Charge Station

    Quick-Charge Station

    At Potsdamer Platz, e-mobility has long been the norm. Charging electric cars is quick and easy here – all the necessary standards are available.

    In Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse, a quick-charge station with two separate designated parking places has been installed. Drivers can charge their vehicles up to 80 per cent very quickly. The station loads eCars with all available plug systems. It supports: CHAdeMO, CCS and Typ2 AC to 22 kW, both DC charging and AC charging.

    Electricity at the stations originates 100 per cent from renewable energy sources.

    Where: Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse / Corner of Linkstrasse

  • etuktukseTukTuks


    How about exploring the city electrically? In Berlin it’s possible – with an eTukTuk. A familiar sight in large Asian cities, these motorised rickshaws are in Berlin, too. The big advantage in the capital: combustion engines have been replaced by electric motors. This gives tourists a quiet, environmentally-friendly way to discover the city.

    Experience electromobility first hand! Some brief instructions, a trial run, and Berlin fans can get behind the wheel of an eTukTuk themselves. Travel around the city in a guided convoy. Clean, green and lots of fun – enjoy exploring Berlin’s most beautiful corners electrically. A standard tour lasts about two hours.

    More information at: www.etuktuk.com

  • getting-thereGetting there

    Getting there

    Berlin can be reached from any direction by car via the A10/Berliner Ring motorway.

    If travelling to Potsdamer Platz from the west, south or north, follow the signs for “Berlin-Zentrum West”. If coming from the east, follow the signs “Zentrum” and “Potsdamer Platz”.

  • parkingParking


    underground car park Potsdamer Platz

    • Well-lit, safe, clean
    • Open 24 / 7
    • Situated in the heart of the capital
    • Service: staff on duty, video surveillance, accessible to people with disabilities

    Parking office Contact Info

    PPMG Potsdamer Platz Management GmbH
    4th Floor, Linkstrasse 2, 10785 Berlin

    Opening Hours:
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8am – 1pm
    Tuesday, Thursday: 8 – 11.30 am and 12 – 6pm
    Telephone: 030-68 83 15-243
    e-Mail: parkhaus@ppmg.eu

    The underground car park at Potsdamer Platz is conveniently located near Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the New National Gallery, the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library), the Kulturforum and the Martin-Gropius Bau. In addition, it is situated directly under the Shopping Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz, theatres, cinemas, hotels and restaurants.

    Quick-charge columns for short and long-term parking are available in the underground car park as well as above ground.


    By car:
    Berlin can be reached from any direction by car via the A10/Berliner Ring motorway. If travelling to Potsdamer Platz from the west, south or north, follow the signs for “Berlin-Zentrum West”. If coming from the east, follow the signs “Zentrum” and “Potsdamer Platz”.

    via Reichpietschufer, Linkstrasse, Ludwig-Beck-Strasse and Schellingstrasse.
    Maximum headroom: 2.00 m

    Short-Term Parking Rates:
    Each hour = 2.00 euro
    Day Ticket: 20.00 euros

    Long-Term Parking Rates:
    Prices / monthly per car
    Floating parking space: 165.00 euros
    Fixed parking space: 215.00 euros

    All prices include VAT.

    Park and Save:
    The prepaid parking card for spontaneous parkers can be loaded with the amount of your choice at the automated pay station. By using this method, you receive an automatic 10% bonus! The prepaid parking card is available at the customer information centre in the Shopping Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz.

  • bicycle-parkingbicycle parking

    bicycle parking

    Nice to know: Your bike is safe and dry in the belly of Potsdamer Platz

    Every day countless Berliners cross the city by bike – trend increasing. Potsdamer Platz is prepared! A total of 700 safe, well-lit, rain-sheltered bicycle parking spaces await cyclists here in the underground car park. Set in niches, between pillars, in every available free space, they are located on underground levels 2 and 3, accessible from the Potsdamer Strasse No. 7 entrance via the freight lift suitable for bikes. And, of course, cyclists enter and exit the car park for free.