A quarter as pioneer in outstanding sustainability

Star architects Renzo Piano and Christoph Kohlbecker have set new global standards in sustainability with their major project “Potsdamer Platz”. In October 2011, Potsdamer Platz was one of the first city districts to be awarded the DGNB sustainability certificate in gold for the use of health and environmentally friendly building materials, the absence of air conditioning systems, the use of rainwater for water supply and for central waste separation.


Numerous measures were already taken during the construction phase to ensure an environmentally friendly supply. For example, an efficient ventilation and facade system reduces the use of primary energy by around 50 percent. The rainwater collected from roof surfaces, which is used to irrigate outdoor facilities and flush toilets among other things, saves around 20 million litres of drinking water per year. In addition, the area has an urban water body in the form of a lake as a specifically designed biotope with an area of approx. 1.3 hectares, in which a large number of organisms and water birds have settled down in the meantime.

Potsdamer Platz has an underground supply centre and is therefore almost completely free of above-ground delivery traffic. In total, this reduces carbon dioxide emissions by almost 70 percent compared to a conventional supply system. The logistics centre of the entire areal is located at a depth of 15 metres or rather in the 3rd basement level, which can be reached by a separate entrance and exit via the B96 tunnel.

All goods and supplies are received underground and then transported to the corresponding buildings by lift trucks and electric cars. In addition to receiving the goods, central waste disposal is also carried out under the ground. The waste is strictly separated according to a total of 13 types, so that only pure residual materials leave the site. The entire car park system is also underground. Only in this way traffic-calmed working, shopping or living is possible.

Contact for guided tours:

Mario Schulz
Object manager
Office Supply and Disposal Centre Potsdamer Platz
10785 Berlin

Phone: +49 (30) 25 93 19 03
Mobile: 0170 5 75 43 29
Mail: mario.schulz@alba.info