The beating heart of the world of film and television

Premieres, awards and projection art

On 17 November 2016 it is time once again for Potsdamer Platz to host glamourous guests and glittering gold. It is Germany’s most important media awards show, the 68th Bambi Awards gala night, inviting both German and international celebrities as well as everyday heroes relevant to the media into the splendid ‘Stage Theater’, as already last year.

Although the Bambi Awards show itself is invite-only, Potsdamer Platz – the heart of entertainment – has much more on offer to feel the beating heart of film and television first-hand. Historic and modern, glamorous and humble, exciting and chilled. The vibrant square entices with its changing events and perpetual charm.
It’s not just the golden fawn that feels right at home at Potsdamer Platz; the square houses further thrilling events and interesting locations for lovers of great entertainment. Reason enough to take a closer look at the beating heart of film and television.

Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)
Each year the Berlinale takes over Potsdamer Platz in February. Some 400 movies from different areas, their creators and close to half a million film enthusiasts meet at the worldwide biggest public festival. The ‘Stage Theater’ transforms into the Palace of the Berlinale with the most prestigious show rooms, hosting screenings and special events in abundance. They do not only premiere the films here but also act as the venue where official awards are presented. A 10-day spectacle not to be missed by any cineaste or autograph hunter.
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First Steps Awards
Berlin is a well-known and loved sandbox for creative brains and thinking outside the box. It is no surprise that the First Steps Awards for students’ graduation films are being awarded in the capital’s centre of entertainment. Beside many talented newcomers, large numbers of prominent guests attend the award show of the most important German junior award at the ‘Stage Theater’ every year. Berlin and Potsdamer Platz in particular offer the most perfect setting for such a creative event bursting with inspiration and ingenuity.
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Boulevard of the Stars
At Potsdamer Platz, the red carpet is not only rolled out for glamorous gala events. Starting at the square, a still growing red carpet stretching over 320 meters can be found on the centre strip of the ‘Potsdamer Strasse’ all year round. The Boulevard of the Stars honours protagonists of film and television from the German-speaking area. Currently, 101 stars can be found on the Walk of Fame in Berlin. Special highlight: you can see the celebrities levitating over their stars through fittingly named star cameras, which also allow you to take pictures with them. If it’s not Potsdamer Platz, where else would the perfect location be for such a significant memorial to German Film history and its stars?
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German Cinematheque
Steeped in history, Potsdamer Platz combines German history and modern entertainment. This is especially true for Cinematheque. The ‘Filmhaus’ at Potsdamer Platz houses the museum with a continuous exhibition on German film and television history, as well as changing special exhibitions and major parts of Germany’s most significant film archives. Film enthusiasts can take part in guided tours here and can leaf themselves through the library; the perfect starting point for subsequently immersing themselves in the modern world of film and television at Potsdamer Platz.
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Cinestar IMAX
Throughout its turbulent history, Potsdamer Platz has evolved into one of the most urban locations of Berlin. Between sparkling skyscrapers and bright billboards, the Cinestar IMAX fits perfectly into the modern setting. The ultimate cinema in the Sony Center Berlin attracts its visitors with the sharpest projection technology known. The world-wide best 3D technology in combination with Germany’s largest screen promises an extraordinary film experience to cineastes. At Potsdamer Platz, the films come to life as much as the vibrant location itself.
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CinemaXx shares the limelight with Cinestar IMAX. Screening up to 52 films a day, the cinema at Potsdamer Platz offers the largest film selection in Germany. Excellent technology and a broad selection of snacks win over even the most critical of film fans. The architecture of the multiplex theatre itself is a true eye-catcher, too. During the Berlinale, many prominent guests can also be found frolicking through its generous foyer and on the free-floating stair cases. Thus, there is always plenty a reason to visit CinemaXx.
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Photocredit: Vincent Mosh