On Logistics Day enterprises from the industrial, trade and service sectors open their doors to the public. The underground supply and disposal centre (VEZ) at Potsdamer Platz is offering tours, too. The VEZ excels in sustainability, modern logistics and traffic-control technology over a total surface area of 4500 m². Underneath the Platz, around 200 customers are supplied daily by some 160 trucks, and every year more than 3500 metric tons of waste are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. The VEZ was distinguished with the 1999 Kienbaum Service Award for future-oriented services and is held up as a shining example of modern infrastructure solutions in Germany.

Tours take place in cooperation with ALBA on 27th April.

Registration for interested public: mario.schultz[at]ALBA.Info
Press registration: Sarah.Dederichs[at]ppmg.eu