Welcome to the Potsdamer Platz Sports Ground!

In Mitte, Berlin’s central district, athletes’ PULSES ARE RACING. Because Potsdamer Platz has A LOT to offer those who want to lose weight, improve their endurance and steel their muscles. We REVEAL you some secrets as well as some hyped fitness tracks.

Potsdamer Platz has A LOT to offer those who want to lose weight, improve their endurance and steel their muscles

“Potsdamer Platz deserves a gold medal for its fitness facilities,” says Jürgen Petrenko, who works as a personal trainer at Potsdamer Platz, at Club Olympus in the Hotel Grand Hyatt Berlin, at Holmes Place and elsewhere. Those who don’t feel like going to a gym can work out in the open air all around the square – and therefore have complete freedom when scheduling their training units. “In an age of bursting appointment calendars it is important to be able to take advantage of flexible leisure options in a spontaneous way,” says Petrenko.

On its south side is the Park am Gleisdreieck, a veritable fitness havenYoga in the park

The 30-metre-wide strip of grass in the Tilla Durieux Park, for example, is the ideal spot for yoga and Pilates exercises. And the park’s seesaws, which have now been affixed, are suitable for balancing exercises and dips. They are also popular with Parkour trainers. “I like to use the steps behind the park for runs, the wooden benches for jumps and the grass pedestal for abs and back exercise units,” Petrenko says.

But the steps at the edge of the Shopping Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz shopping mall opposite the casino are quite something too. After you have sprinted up and down them two or three times, you can feel what you’ve done. It’s a workout programme recommended for the lunch break.
It is probably a nicer idea to run through Tiergarten all the way to the Siegessäule. “It is as if the urban setting had been switched off, your own breathing is accompanied only by a symphony of twittering birds,” says Petrenko. And the Telekom Running Tracks give long-distance runners a clear goal to aim for – they mark segments of five and eight kilometres. The trees in Tiergarten can also become training partners: putting up a slackline between them and balancing on it trains your sense of balance.

Fitness Paradise

 volleyball field Beach 61But Potsdamer Platz has even more to offer athletes. On its south side is the Park am Gleisdreieck, a veritable fitness heaven. Personal trainer Lukas Ksoll, who also works at Holmes Place, knows the nearby recreational paradise inside out. “As soon as the weather permits, I take my clients to the park.” Underneath the railway bridge of the lines U1 and U2 you find urban workout opportunities. For instance, you can do balancing exercises on the trampolines that have been built into the ground, push-ups on the natural wood beams and pull-ups on the horizontal iron bars.

Then you keep running until you reach the beach with the tribune stands. “Excellent for a series of jumps,” explains Lukas Ksoll. And on it goes to the sports ground with grandstand in the Generalszug area (a series of streets and squares commemorating the Napoleonic Wars): “A good place for skipping and bodyweight exercises such as squats. Afterwards we do sprints along a stretch that has been specially designated for this purpose.”

Table tennis and yoga in the park also make for diversity. “Routine is the enemy of any successful training” is Ksoll’s motto. Which is why the basketball court and the 1,300 m2 large skater park with half-pipe are also part of the workout programme. And those who still have some energy can exhaust themselves to their heart’s content on the southernmost edge of the park, digging and setting on the volleyball field Beach 61.

Illustrationen: Bente Schipp

Club Olympus Berlin Spa & Fitness
The exclusive day spa at the Grand Hyatt Berlin is a relaxation and fitness retreat for hotel guests and visitors, with a view over the rooftops of Berlin. With a total area of 865 m2, the spa has a swimming pool, 70 m2 gym and a 250 m2 roof terrace for outdoor personal training.

Holmes Place Health Club & Spa Potsdamer Platz
Wellness, nutrition counselling, fitness and personal training. Whether functional training or one of around 20 courses including spinning, Vinyasa yoga in the Body & Mind Studio, or Bodyshape – all according to the health club’s motto: Move well, eat well, feel well.

Ono Spa
Those who come here to work out want to fly high! The 600 m2 Ono Spa on the 11th floor of the Mandala Hotel features a fitness lounge for cardio training, an Iyashi Dôme Liege for detoxing, and a 25-metre-long foot reflexology-zone circuit “Via Sensus” on the terrace – view of Berlin included.

Text: Heidi Müller
Illustrationen: Bente Schipp